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  • E-Mail Marketing


If you’ve ever opened your e-mail inbox and scrolled through the promotional messages from a local coffee shop, library, or otherwise, you’ve already experienced e-mail marketing. According to studies, 91% of consumers actively check their e-mail accounts a minimum of twice a day, and because internet marketing (on average) boasts a potential ROI of 4.3%, the success benefits of e-mail marketing are reaped by businesses everywhere.


What is Successful E-mail Marketing?


E-mail marketing can be an extremely effective method of engaging both loyal clients and new web page visitors when both the content and graphic design components are executed professionally. A successful e-mail campaign will not only be compatible with desktop and laptop computers, but mobile devises as well. Shockingly, 48% of e-mail advertisements are received and read on a mobile device, therefore a successful e-mail campaign can only occur if users on multiple devices can access the encoded information easily.


The Benefit of Hiring a Professional


Businesses track, analyze, and manipulate their e-mail campaign to adjust to market fluctuations, target different demographics, and assess the overall success of their campaign. Shockingly, however, 17% of companies running an e-mail campaign do not manage their results tangibly. Using an experienced e-mail marketer is often more economical and productive compared to performing the work in-house. If you are attempting to increase your businesses brand recognition or ROI, contact our team to discuss the ways e-mail marketing can supplement your existing campaign.

  • Conversion Optimization


In the way SEO drives traffic to a website, conversion rate optimization (also known as CRO) transforms site visitors into direct revenue.  Without CRO, websites would simply be a platform for gaining information, rather than purchasing goods and services. Once established, however, conversion rate optimization strategy has the potential to consistently increase visitor conversions and, subsequently, sales.


What is Conversion Rate Optimization?


Conversion rate optimization is the process of adding features and graphics to a website that not only makes it more appealing to users, but adds an engaging appeal to the site as well. CRO is focused on enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functional integrity of site components such as contact buttons, identifying and developing focus groups, and demographic analysis. Essentially, however, the goal of conversion rate optimization is to improve the looks and functionality of a site in order to increase conversions and sales.


Choosing an Expert


Although 63% of unprofessional web marketers optimize their site’s conversion rate instinctively, more often than not, a professional CRO is needed to ensure a site’s shopping cart, contact buttons, color contrast, and other elements are designed to attract the target demographic in such a compelling way that they make a purchase. Like the world of SEO, CRO can be complex; often requiring an advanced knowledge of coding, analytics data, strategic digital media implementation, and other advanced digital marketing techniques. Learning the world of CRO takes years; choosing a CRO expert increases your chances of converting more visitors, and (subsequently) attaining more revenue from your online presence.

  • Lead Generation


Successful lead generation and conversion are two of the most sought after marketing goals in both traditional and contemporary marketing.  As the internet continues to grow into the world’s most trusted way of not only finding, but also purchasing goods and services, the web’s potential to locate and convert leads effectively has intrigued and benefited businesses in many industries.


Using internet marketing to achieve steady lead generation includes a number of advertising tactics, including pay-per-click, banner ads, affiliate link usage, and blog creation. For more information about why lead generation is important for online marketing campaigns, and how to determine your results, keep reading below.


Why is Lead Generation Important?


Why is lead generation important? It’s simple. By 2016, over half of the revenue earned in the United States will be influenced by internet marketing, according to recent industry forecasts. Businesses inherently rely on their incoming revenue to stay afloat; as such, even traditional marketing campaigns focus on increasing sales through successful lead generation.


Measurable Results


Every business is unique in their approach to lead generation. While small businesses may find they have more luck utilizing only comprehensive SEO strategies to increase their standing with Google, larger corporations may choose to generate leads using a combination of techniques. Regardless of the advertising path your company chooses, optimizing a campaign’s success by contracting a lead generation professional is a great way to begin lead generation efforts, or optimize an existing strategy.


Our team of professional internet marketers rely on market research and analytical webpage data to determine the best ways for your web page or social media accounts to generate more traffic and convert more leads. To discuss your company’s lead generation options, contact us today!


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