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Content services includes the planning, development, and publishing of web content for landing pages, subpages, and blogs. On occasion, content strategies can even extend into link building projects such as infographics, e-mail campaigns, and more. Content is used in every aspect of internet marketing for one simple reason: ALL SEO experts agree that content is the king of search engine optimization. In fact, the positive effects of well-developed content are felt by more than just internet marketing experts; 90% of chief marketing executives state they believe that relatable content builds better customer relationships. Keep reading for more information about why content has become such a powerful tool in online marketing.


Why are Content Strategies Important?


As a result of being bombarded with banner ads, TV commercials, and other invasive marketing tactics, 73% of average consumers now prefer reading about their topic of interest than seeking out traditional advertising.  Furthermore, businesses researching a new product or service are 75% more likely to use online content to influence their decision. Content marketing has become such a welcomed advertising medium in the hearts of consumers that optimizing web content with keywords, metatags, and affiliate links has become essential for increasing site traffic and online revenue.


The Benefits of Professional Content Management


Ensuring your content strategy is developed and implemented efficiently is an ongoing process. When instilling or optimizing an existing content strategy, it is common practice to edit existing content, generate new articles, and begin building a blogging strategy. Along with advanced language skills, content managers must ensure plagiarism is non-existent, concepts are expressed clearly, and all technical fields (such as keyword density, title optimization, and word count) meet the predetermined SEO specifications. Working with a professional content manager has an increased potential to boost SEO standing, keep your content strategy on schedule, and reduce quality errors that are frequently experienced when developing content in-house.


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  • Blog Creation


Search engines value websites with large amounts of high quality content. One fundamental requirement of a successful SEO strategy is maintaining a consistent flow of new, relevant content. Because landing, services, and about pages should have content that rarely changes, adding a blog to a website is an excellent way to increase the amount of new content without adjusting its fundamental message.


Why is Blog Management Important?


Blogs increase search page index, offer relevant information to already interested buyers, and help develop a loyal webpage following. In fact, B2C businesses that blog receive almost 80% more leads than businesses without a blog, while B2B businesses can expect roughly 62% more leads.

But blogging isn’t only beneficial for increasing website traffic; it’s also considered the foundational platform for beginning or optimizing social media strategies. Many blog posts are advertised on company social profiles, including Facebook and LinkedIn; as such, well-written blog posts with strong integrated keywords boost the value of a webpages and social platforms alike.


The Benefits of Professional Blog Content Strategies


Developing a successful blog post requires careful planning and strategic execution. In order to write a compelling post, the content must be rich with subject specific keywords, offer helpful suggestions to the reader, and have a pre-determined word count. Furthermore, affiliate links, display ads, and search ads are also things professional bloggers use to increase blog value. Developing a well-written blog post requires technical knowledge of keyword and link placement, as well as extensive writing experience. Due to these prerequisites, building and managing a successful blog content strategy can take up to four hours per post; a hefty task to be completed in-house.


If your business is considering adding a blog to their webpage, or is simply seeking a way to increase site traffic, contact us to see if incorporating a blog content strategy into your internet marketing campaign is right for you.

  • Infographics


If you’ve ever searched for industry statistics or other subject-specific information, it’s likely that one of your search results led to a well-designed infographic. Displayed as a single picture, infographics are a combination of short content, statistics, and digital media design. Used by websites to increase search index and optimize link building, they merge the ease of visual marketing with the informational benefits of plain text. Due to their popularity among consumers, infographics are an increasingly popular way to market the benefits of a specific product, service, or cause.


Are Infographics Important to Internet Marketing?


Infographics are highly versatile, link worthy, and easy to develop; as such, they can easily “go viral” and make their way onto the sites of other publishers. In turn, the infographic’s publisher can expect a dramatic increase in traffic as the media circulates. Actually, the number of searches regarding infographics increased a whopping 800% between the years of 2010 and 2012, and has only continued to increase. Infographics are easily shared in blogs, social media posts, and e-mails; furthermore, their ability to be viewed on any device (either standard or mobile) increases their marketing worth. Furthermore, using infographics on a webpage display the industry knowledge processed by the site, subsequently boosting brand credibility and rapport.


The Benefits of Professional Infographic Design


A successfully circulated infographic is not only helpful to site visitors, it also increases site traffic and site indexing as it is added to other websites and referenced in blog posts. Infographics may seem to be a single digital file, however they are actually built in layers, starting with research and content development, and ending with digital media design. Finding and re-wording relevant, compelling statistics requires a trained content strategist; furthermore, the visual design that makes infographics so popular calls for a skilled digital media expert. Hiring professionals to help with research, design, and composition promotes a more viral marketing opportunity in comparison to DIY infographic projects.


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