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Technology and the way it is used continues to advance rapidly. As of 2013, mobile devices became the preferred method for internet users to browse the web, play games, and make e-commerce purchases. As a result, mobile sales spiked 11% in 2013; now, the industry expected to reach $108 billion in revenue by 2017.

For businesses, having a mobile-friendly website is a must.  Because 48% of internet users deem a website’s appearance the #1 factor when determining a business’s credibility, and the majority of web browsing is now conducted on mobile devises, ensuring your site is not only compatible with smartphones, but also optimized for their use, can increase sales, build brand credibility, and develop a more loyal client following.


What Makes a Successful Mobile Site?


A well-developed mobile website should be compatible with any smartphone, including Apple, Android and Microsoft. To improve brand credibility and drive sales, mobile sites should also include an easy-to-use interface and conversion features (such as contact buttons, mailing list sign up, and more). Finally, a successful mobile site is optimized to track the amount and type of site traffic it receives in order to understand and adjust to its target demographic.


Why Choose a Professionally Designed Mobile Site?


In order to develop a mobile site that is compatible with all smartphone models, extensive coding and development work must be completed. While some mobile sites can be created as DIY projects, only professional sites are able to load quickly, process sales transactions, and display content effectively. Like any other website, mobile sites are also processed through the search engine algorithms. This means reducing bounce back ratio with a vibrant digital design and responsive interface is imperative to rank well among the major search engines. To confidently build a site that reduces bounce back and impresses your site visitors, contracting a professional mobile site designer is a must.


  • App Development & Marketing


Over a quarter of the global population uses a smartphone on a daily basis; in fact, a study operated by Flurry Analytics has proven that mobile apps make up 86% of the time US smartphone holders spend on their devices. Because mobile apps increase brand awareness, add value to a product or service, and are an enormous part of consumer culture, developing a mobile app for your business is an incredibly rewarding investment.


Is a Mobile App Right for My Business?


Mobile apps aren’t something that only multi-billion dollar corporations use; even the smallest startup companies choose to interact with their potential clients and existing brand followers using we—developed mobile apps. Harnessing the power of one of these tools allows businesses of all sizes to attract and retain more customers than ever before. Coffee shops, local retail stores, and online start-ups all use mobile apps as a direct marketing channel with the goal becoming more visible (and accessible!) to their customers around the clock. If you’re not sure your business is ready to start app development, don’t hesitate to contact our team for professional insight or development ideas.


The Process of App Development


The first step to developing a great mobile app is by coming up with a concept and rough sketch of the app’s purpose and main functional pages. Brainstorming is done by conducting the proper market research to see how many apps (if any) are similar to the design, and collecting ideas for improvement along the way. Not only does market research help us identify the type of competition your mobile app will face, it also targets functions that can be deleted or improved. Once the idea behind the app has been perfected, it’s time to get technical. Our team will create a wireframe and storyboard to get a better visual on how the app will look and perform. This mock-up is used to perfect navigation, aesthetics, and app functions before back-end development begins. The app is finally brought to life by our development experts, who use technical back-end coding to tie the concept and app servers together.

During both the development and release stages of app development, marketing must be conducted to increase app awareness among existing customers. Although each marketing approach is unique, our marketing experts use online tools such as social media platforms, blogs, website banners, and paid ads to create the buzz and excitement necessary for launching a successful mobile business app.



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