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SEO (also known as search engine optimization) is a tried and true method of expanding company web presence, promoting brand development, and driving sales. Due to the technical knowledge required to implement an effective SEO strategy, optimizing a site for search engine algorithms requires an expert.


If your business is considering SEO, or is simply interested in increasing the number of views your webpage receives, take a look at some helpful SEO information below.


How Strategic SEO Processes Can Improve your Business


The internet is a powerful tool for businesses and consumers alike. The number of consumers that turn to search engines and online sales platforms is steadily increasing year after year. In turn, the value of using the internet to market brands and webpages using white-hat SEO tactics has been known to catapult even the most disadvantaged startups into success.


If you’re unsure as to how SEO marketing works, know you’re not alone. For individuals without internet marketing experience, the concept of search engine optimization is a difficult one to grasp. In its essence, however, the concept is relatively simple. Consider this: internet users flock to search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to locate the services they need on both a local and international scale. With this in mind, SEO experts strive to ensure their clients’ websites and business names are not only accessible via these search engines, but also extremely easy to find.


According to many SEO experts, only 25% of internet users will search past the first page of results on any given search engine. What do these statistics suggest? Essentially, because only a select few businesses in each industry can be displayed on the first few pages of search results, ranking well with search engines is a must for both international and local businesses.

  • SEM


Search engine marketing, otherwise known as SEM, is an online marketing method used by businesses to create a more prominent and impactful web presence. Technically, the goal of this web-based method is to increase the number of search engine results per web page, and in turn; the number of website views, and (hopefully) the amount of web-produced revenue.


Will Search Engine Marketing Improve my Business?


Many small and medium-sized businesses new to internet advertising may wonder if search engine marketing can benefit their business. While SEM is a large priority for large businesses, it can be even more beneficial for start-up and local companies striving to develop brand awareness. Because the internet is used by the majority of people in the US, an online presence increases lead generation, effectively advertises specials, and contributes to developing a loyal online following.


Small Businesses: Search engine marketing is an effective tool for marketing small businesses. Why? Most small businesses are forced to compete fiercely with nearby commercial businesses, most of which are heavily supported by internet and television ad campaigns.  Because 95% of internet users rely on search engines to locate restaurants, retail shops, and service providers, it is essential for small businesses interested in basic lead generation to engage in SEM.


Medium Businesses: As a business matures, it is only natural to seek innovative ways to engage your target demographic. A growing company interested in creating a prominent presence on the web is usually interested in enhancing brand credibility and building their revenue streams. Because 93% of internet activity starts with a search engine, more companies pursuing a loyal client following are incorporating SEM into their traditional marketing strategy.


Large Businesses: For large corporations, successfully marketing products is an extremely competitive art. Because most large businesses and corporations use SEM to market their services and maintain a competitive advantage, maintaining a very high online profile is essential for staying competitive in the fast paced market. Finally, because 39% of online consumers are directed to a site from a search engine, powerful SEM strategies are essential for maintaining a share of the market.

  • Link Building


Link building is one of the most critical aspects of search engine optimization. A tedious development process, building a web presence through relevant links can be done either through self-publishing, outreach linking, or through earning natural links. While natural links are obtained without any internal management, building links through self-publishing or outreach linking requires both a content strategist and digital media expert. For more information about why link building is imperative to ranking well with search engines, keep reading.



Why is Link Building Important?


Link building is an essential discipline used by internet marketers to increase site traffic, boost brand credibility, and establish a webpage as an expert in its industry. Links act as navigational avenues between websites, and effectively connect one reputable site to another. The number of links a site has directly influences its SEO standing and brand credibility, therefore developing a link worthy site is imperative to maintaining a positive reputation with search engines.


The Benefits of Hiring a Professional


Successful link building requires a developed understanding of internet marketing, content strategies, and digital media design. When executed correctly, a link building strategy can increase site traffic, develop lasting positive relationships with other industry experts, and increase brand visibility. However, the process is time consuming and requires ongoing development. To reduce the amount of time traditional employees spend optimizing website link building, and to ensure only white hat SEO techniques are used, many businesses choose to outsource their link building projects.

  • Link Removal


Maintaining a website’s SEO standing isn’t only done by optimizing blog posts and enhancing its digital appearance, it’s also about keeping the site free from malicious links that make their way into the site’s coding without authorization. These unwanted links are not only unwarranted, but can severely impact the functionality of your webpage. In severe cases, search engines can be notified of the foul links, and subsequently ban a site until all issues have been corrected. If you have noticed unwanted links appearing on your website, or simply want to take precautionary measures to prevent them from integrating themselves in the first place, take a look at some preliminary information below.


Why Use Link Removal Services?


As we mentioned earlier, unwarranted links appearing on your webpage affects the way visitors effectively navigate through your site. Occasionally, these false links will direct visitors to low-quality internet pages that threaten their internet safety. Furthermore, the simple existence of false backlinks on a site dramatically reduces their potential of scoring well with the search engines; in some instances, faulty backlinks may actually result in a manual or algorithmic penalty. As a result, site traffic (and resulting sales) can be expected to progressively drop.


The Benefits of Professional Link Removal


While some small businesses attempt to complete their backend web maintenance themselves, the benefits of using professional link removal services are outstanding. Removing backlinks is an extremely complex process; bad links are often hidden within the website’s development code, finding faulty links and eliminating them permanently usually requires a professional. Furthermore, many businesses that receive heavy website traffic benefit from contracting a professional web developer or link remover to review their site on a set basis to prevent backlinks from integrating themselves over time.


It has been proven that internet users prefer to purchase from businesses with a well-developed and easy to use site. Due to the fact that well-executed link removal increases your website’s safety and functionality, using professional link removal reduces the number of coding oversights while increasing site traffic, boosting conversions, and building site credibility.


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