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What is Web Design?


Web design is the creation of a website, including the colors, texture, lines, interactive elements, and more. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing site, a designer must incorporate coding (such as HTML, JavaScript, or CSS) into the site, along with other complex elements such as SEO optimization and ecommerce capabilities.


Why is it Important?


The value of having a well-designed website is incalculable. According to recent statistics, 48% of internet users determine a business’s credibility according to the quality of its website design; subsequently, 94% of these users will reject a business if their site is poorly designed. With these facts before us, it is easy to understand why businesses both large and small prioritize building a website that promotes conversions and lowers bounce back ratios.


Choosing an Expert


Because web design is an extremely complex field, contracting an experienced designer capable of integrating all the necessary website components is a must. A professional web designer is able to increase your site’s traffic volume, increase the number of organic leads, and develop brand awareness on a mass scale. With strategic planning, this can be completed without increasing pre-established budgets. If you’re interested in more information regarding how web design can increase your company’s bottom line, contact us to start discussing your options!


  • E-Commerce Solutions


Online shopping platforms such as Amazon and E-bay have revolutionized the way consumers shop for their products and services. The success of e-commerce sites such as these perfectly depict the effect the internet’s rapid expansion has had on the concept of traditional trade and commerce.


As the online market continues to entice both traditional consumers and businesses alike, the need for businesses to participate in an e-commerce solution is subsequently growing. Now, e-commerce has become one of the leading revenue sources for businesses in a number of industries; so large, in fact, that the estimated sales for e-commerce is expected to reach 440 billion dollars in the US alone. Take a look below for a better understanding about what it takes to build a successful e-commerce platform, and what the benefits are of using a professional.


The Benefits of E-commerce Development


Building a successful e-commerce strategy that not only builds revenue, but also adds value to your brand is priceless. Roughly 60% of internet users rely on e-commerce sites to make frequent online purchases; therefore, incorporating online shopping capabilities to websites has never been more beneficial for businesses. My Mobilizers experienced digital media techs are able to transfer basic domains to e-commerce platforms, or add conversion features to existing e-commerce strategies, including shopping carts, drop menus, product descriptions, and more. For more information about out e-commerce strategy solutions, contact us today!


  • Web Hosting


Our industry leading all-in-one service also includes web hosting packages, allowing you the business owner to have one company handling all of your web development needs.






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